Set Benefits Pay You Cash

For specific covered medical services

Dual-Coverage Benefits Paid

Regardless of other insurance coverage

No Out-of-Pocket Deductibles

You pay nothing before receiving benefits

No Network Restrictions

See any doctor or specialist you choose

Hospital & Doctor Insurance

If you have medical insurance with a deductible that you still need to meet and you need to go to the doctor or the hospital for care, you may be on the hook to pay the entire bill out-of-pocket unless you have a fixed indemnity plan. A fixed indemnity plan will pay out a certain benefit amount if the insured receives medical care from a doctor or at the hospital. This money can be used to pay towards your medical insurance annual deductible or required copays and coinsurance. You can use both your regular medical insurance coverage and your fixed indemnity plan to cover the cost of medical care.

Fixed Indemnity Plans Cover

Doctor, Urgent Care+ER Visits

Hospital Stays+Surgery

Lab Work, Xrays,+Diagnostic Services

Reimburses Copays+Deductibles

Fixed indemnity insurance plan that pays you back.

A fixed indemnity plan is a plan that can supplement a major medical plan or maybe even a short term medical plan to cover your out-of-pocket costs associated for other medical services – including outpatient care, trips to the doctor for illness or injury, lab work and prescription drugs.

In general, fixed indemnity plans pay out cash benefits for specific covered situations related to hospital and doctor medical care. Sometimes called Hospital & Doctor Fixed Indemnity, the benefits received through these plans can help cover the annual deductibles that you may have to pay before receiving any coverage from your major medical or short term health insurance plan.

Fixed indemnity plans are also more affordable than a major medical plan and consumers may see an average cost of $75.00 a month.

Marivi Pazos
Having to have my appendix removed unexpectedly was a nightmare physically and financially. Thank goodness my plan reimbursed me for the whole thing plus a little extra to help with household expenses.
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